Testimonials from Students

Open your life to intuition and you open yourself up to powerful internal wisdom. You’ll take control of your life’s direction and become your own guide. A class or retreat with intuitive Karen Grace Kassy can help you attune yourself to your intuitive voice.

Karen’s students have shared their stories and gratitude. Each of these individuals had their eyes opened to the healing power and life-changing skill of intuition. These are personal stories and identities are not published to maintain confidentiality.

With intuitive clients around the world and a busy writing schedule, Karen’s classes and appearances are dynamic. If you would like to join one of her classes, please sign up for her intuitive newsletter to receive the latest news on her schedule  or take a customized, private intuition lesson over the phone.

 Students’ names are not listed to protect confidentiality.

“Hi Karen.

Thank you for the gift.  It is most precious and something that will always be with me from now on.  Somehow, I can tell that this is no ordinary gift.

Your humble and unassuming presence teaches me time and again that this journey is worth everything.   Nothing else is good enough or compares with the realization of all that is…even if for a moment.  It is this certainty which guides my steps and choices.  Its kindness, gentleness,  steadiness and courage are unrelentless and this is how I see you too.  Smile right back at you :-)”

“Thank you for the lesson and the quotes.  These are both very helpful in helping me experience more spaciousness in the midst of things and stuff.   I feel that I shifted yesterday.  I got the clear message in my core to expect and to have confidence and to trust the intuitive information I receive.  I’ll continue to practice while honoring this awareness. The photo you spontaneously sent: 2 weeks ago, I was looking at images of monasteries and was searching to see if there were posters of cloisters.  I did not find much or perhaps, or needed to refine my search.  This one you sent me evokes just the right what I was looking for. It is like the right food for my spirit –  as if my soul is speaking to me from a timeless, sacred, place.  Perfect!”

“I felt that you were coming from your authentic being and experience and were giving us all a very special gift. Thank you so very much.”

“I see this as an important new development in medicine and health.”

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class at The Kripalu Center.  It brought to light a lot of “forgotten” intuitiveness for me.”

“Hi Karen, Thank you for the lesson yesterday.  I had a lot of fun.  My intuition is opening up more and more each day.  I experience deep gratitude and joy and as you mentioned ‘awe’ at the perfection and kindness of this process.”

“My intuition journey is simply beyond words.  I cannot wait until our next lesson.”

“I took the workshop from you at Hawthorne Healing Arts Center last year.  I love your energy and calmness. I might be interested in a custom, individual lesson soon.” 

“Thank you so much for a wonderful experience at Kripalu.  I feel more confident now that I really am intuitive and am improving my accuracy with practice. I do get messages, see images, sometimes smell things and always feel a lot when I do Reiki on my clients.  Your class showed me that I can do this when not connected to the clients’ energy through Reiki.  Doing Bill and the dog Bucky in class at Kripalu was a real eye opener for me.  My visual impressions were very accurate.”

“I have been to many workshops here at Kripalu and you give so much of yourself. You are so authentic. I never thought the teacher of this class would be so warm and an ordinary person – I mean that in the best possible way. I feel anyone can talk to you. You are so giving, soft (in a good way) and approachable. I will never again stereotype psychics (as in arrogant, cold, etc.) as someone just channeling information. You really care about the impact you have on people. This comes through so strongly. I can’t wait for a reading. I also love the handout. So many times the teacher has great ideas but is hard to follow. Yours was so great. I love the organization. I love that you help us do this and not just set yourself apart from us as the ‘expert’ and what you have is ‘unattainable.’ You have opened such possibilities in my life. I can’t thank you enough.”

“I enjoyed the opportunity to work with you and meet all the wonderful people in the class.”

“As a repeat attendee, I am excited to know there is much more to learn. I recommend that people attend more than once!”

“Sessions with you bring the truths out to the surface, and courage to face them comes along. The voice that heaven gave you comes to me every so often, and I’m happy that in a way you are my spiritual teacher, a force that reminds me where to be and go for peace.

“Even though we carry all the answers within, and I’m getting more psychic, there is nothing like the healing reassurance, clarification and the intuitive clues that you provide during the “connection” sessions. I am honored.”

“I really enjoyed this and found it practical and encouraging, especially for me as a beginner. I liked the experiential exercises!”

“Easy. . .easy to listen to. . .fascinating!”

“Great job! Everything was explained very well. I enjoyed this workshop and hope I can become more intuitive. Thanks!”

“Interesting, informative and the time flew!”

“I felt that you were coming from your authentic being and experience and were giving us all a very special gift. Thank you so very much.”