Open Yourself up to Intuition on a Spiritual Vacation

Explore a new, deeper level of understanding, wisdom, and personal growth on a spiritual vacation with intuition expert, best-selling author, and world-renowned teacher Karen Grace Kassy. Guided by Karen’s insight and years of study, you’ll discover how to tap into and harness your natural intuition.
When you join Karen for a retreat, you’ll stay at an amazing location. In the past, Karen has held retreats in Mexico, Costa Rica and world-famous US destinations Kripalu Center in Massachusetts and Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon, and other one-of-a-kind locations. Wherever you join Karen, you can be sure it will be at a health-forward, environmentally-conscious, and emotionally-enriching place.
Karen’s office is always organizing new retreats. Her work as an intuitive consultant and author keeps her busy year round, so her schedule constantly changes. To get the latest news and info on Karen’s intuitive retreats sign up for the Intuitive Newsletter and check her calendar.

Plan for an Upcoming Retreat

Intuition and Creativity: Develop and Discover Your Creative Passions in Art, Music, Writing and Intuition
Find and reconnect with your creativity and gain the confidence to express yourself through art, writing, and music during this retreat. With Karen’s guidance, you’ll learn the basics of intuition and use your intuitive skill to enhance your freedom and creativity – even if it’s your first time exploring these areas. Plus, you’ll feel more vibrant and alive as you improve your health and express your artistic side in a safe and nurturing environment. Explore your creativity and tap into your intuition and renew yourself in the beauty of nature.
Learn more about the Creativity and Intuition Retreat.

Life Intuition: Career, Health and Relationship Intuition
Discover the inner secret and wisdom of your intuition. You’ll learn how to use your intuition to improve your health, foster stronger relationships, and move your career and life forward with confidence. You’ll develop and practice your intuition and have time to explore rejuvenate your spirit in the beauty of nature.
Learn more about the Life Intuition Retreat.