Learn to Resolve Problems and Pain while Enriching Your Love Connection

Your relationships don’t have to be complicated and confusing. Intuition is the missing key that can help you connect with others and heal damaged or broken relationships.
During Relationship Intuition, best-selling author and intuitive expert Karen Grace Kassy shows you how to understand and empathize with others using intuition. You’ll learn how to bring greater clarity and simplicity to your relationships. Improve and enrich your relations at work, with family, friends, yourself, and your love life.
Karen will teach you exercises to practice your newfound skills. You’ll gain confidence in your intuition and receive validation to help you put these techniques to work for you right away. Give yourself the gift of greater insight and experience more fulfilling and joyous relationships through intuition.

You’ll Learn How to Improve Your Relationships with Intuition:

  • The intuitive secret of love
  • Basic Intuition
  • How to intuit non-verbal signals, body language, and communication
  • How to work with and eliminate fear using your intuition
  • How to gain insight into jealousy, anger, sadness, and loss
  • How to untangle from people and situations that are draining your energy
  • How to work with the “chosen people” in your life
  • How to identify the “unchosen people” in your life and how to work with or disengage your connection
  • You’ll learn to “fall in love” with you (self-love)
  • Who Should Attend?
    If you desire greater clarity, insight, fulfillment, joy, and happiness in your relationships, then this workshop is for you.

    Costs, details and to register vary by location. Go to the calendar and click on your date/topic choice to get all the information. 

    Not in your area? Please sign up for Karen’s newsletter to get her updated schedule when it becomes available or email Karen’s office to host.

    Karen always leaves time open for Intuitive Readings and Private Intuition Lessons.