Business professionals, journalists and healthcare workers have found Karen’s work to be accurate and helpful. Physicians have verified Karen Grace Kassy to be consistently 80-90% accurate for intuitive health and wellness readings.

“We recently hired Karen to facilitate and lead our team through a discussion introducing the concept of intuition at our summer retreat in Sisters Oregon. Our goal was to have Karen lead us through a casual conversation about what intuition is, how we can recognize it within ourselves and then start practicing it in our daily lives.

She was very thoughtful and aware that our team was at varying levels in their knowledge and understanding of the definition of intuition. She chose her words wisely given the differences in gender, religious beliefs and willingness amongst team members to be open about the subject matter. She started by asking the team to define what they understood intuition to be. She then provided an example of how she uses intuition with her clients to help us better understand the concept. Lastly, we put the tools to work that we had learned by doing a simple team exercise. This exercise was powerful as it demonstrated to the entire team that we are all intuitive if we just listen to ourselves.

I would highly recommend Karen to speak with your corporate team. She is a professional in every sense of the word and genuinely cares about helping the group she is speaking to understand how intuition can benefit them in their personal and professional lives.


Valerie Peterson, attorney
CEO Elder Counsel

“I have known Karen for several years. She has developed rather incredible intuitive skills with respect to medical or health conditions. She is not only good with “seeing” organ problems, but also has the ability to tune in on key emotional, mental, and spiritual matters affecting patients. With the patient’s permission, Karen has done intuitive evaluations knowing only the person’s name and age with an exceptional accuracy of 80-90%. She is easy to work with, organized, has excellent follow-through, and deals with clients in a compassionate manner. Karen is flexible. Just give her a name and age and she will either phone, fax, or email the reading depending upon whatever works for the client. She works with private clients and healthcare practitioners across the country.

I highly recommend that you consider working with Karen as she can add a great deal of insight into patients.”

-Physician Jan Hendryx, DO, Bradford, PA

“I have known Karen Grace Kassy for a number of years, and it has been a great pleasure to see her intuitive abilities maturing and her writing to be equally well done.”

-Physician C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, Springfield, MO

“I have had the pleasure of working with Karen Grace Kassy in my medical office. Her talent as an intuitive is incredible.

Prior to a patient’s appointment with me, given only the patient’s name and age, Ms. Kassy would perform what she described as a ‘quick’ intuitive reading, which often amounted to a paragraph or two of written impressions. Often during or following the appointment, she would meet with the patient and discuss her intuitive readings. At times, with the patient’s permission, she accompanied me into the room, and did an interactive reading with the patient while I preformed gentle osteopathic treatment.

Although it is very difficult to measure an exact degree of accuracy, I found Ms. Kassy’s readings quite accurate. She was often able to describe medical and/or psychosocial history that I had discovered during previous care of a patient.  What I found most helpful were her readings that helped me move into a new or different direction with a patient; these readings often helped me ‘break through’ plateaus when working with difficult problems. She is very adept at integrating issues of mind, body and spirit in relation to an individual’s health. Also, my patients always enjoyed and respected Ms. Kassy, even when the information was difficult. She has a wonderful way of delivering her information and working with people that is non-threatening and positively constructive. I have enjoyed working with Ms. Kassy very much, and look forward to an association with her in the future. I know that my patients were greatly helped by her services.”

-Physician Laura Robin, DO, MPH, PC

“Karen is an accurate health intuitive with…health care practitioners who refer patients to her regularly. [She] continues to take her field and understanding to a new level.”

-Caroline Myss, Ph.D.

I was very impressed with the reading you did on me, which I felt was right on target. Not only did I think the information you gave me about my life and my health was extremely accurate, but your delivery was superb. I felt totally supported by you throughout the experience, even when the information was difficult to hear, and I was also grateful that you gave me the necessary tools to make progress on my issues.

I am thrilled that Caroline Myss, PhD, recommended that I call you – both because you added so much to my article and because I highly value that personal reading. You are truly a credit to your field and I am sure you will continue to be in the forefront of bringing medical intuition to the mainstream as it gains credibility. Thank you again for all your help. I wish you the best of luck.

-Katy Koontz, Contributing Editor, “Body & Soul” Magazine

“Through an intuitive skill that she has developed with dignity and devotion, she provides profound insights for her clients. Her work has been compared to Caroline Myss, because she is able to connect to a holistic awareness of the body, considering the relationship between the physical-emotional-spiritual. Karen studied with Caroline Myss, but has developed her own unique system and presents the information with compassion, offering her clients time to reflect on her images before she goes deeper into her intuitive interpretation. This is a sacred gift to give to yourself.”

-Debra Mies, professional writer, Lafayette, Colorado

“Karen’s reading provided me with a nuts-n-bolts practical ‘to do’ list for self-healing which has proven to be quite useful. I highly recommend her services as an important adjunct to traditional medical services.”

-TH, registered nurse, BSN, MS

“[Health Intuition is] a practical handbook for achieving greater well-being and true balance by expanding that inner wisdom known as intuition.”

-Author Sonia Choquette, PhD