Develop Your Intuition with Customized, Private Intuition Training by Phone

Do you learn better one-on-one? Or, perhaps you don’t have the time to attend a class or workshop on intuition? No problem. Intuition expert and best-selling author Karen Grace Kassy offers private lessons to help you tune in to your intuitive voice, develop your empathic skills, and bring balance to your life.
Whatever your skill level or interest with intuition, Karen will guide you as you develop your intuitive senses. Karen customizes each lesson for you and your desires. Learn to better understand your body; connect and reconnect with others for more meaningful relationships; intuit your pet’s or animal’s physical and emotional well-being, and intuitively know the path your life, career, finances, and business should take for success.
Choose to Concentrate on Specific Areas of Intuition that Fulfill Your Needs:

  • Basic Intuition: How to tap into your intuition and improve your life
  • Life Intuition: Understand your life’s journey and find guidance for important choices and decisions
  • Health Intuition: Discover the connection between body, mind, emotions, and spirit to enhance healing and well-being
  • Relationship Intuition: Empathize and connect with others on a deeper level (even before you meet them)
  • Animal Intuition: Connect with your pet to better meet the needs of your animals
  • Business Intuition: Learn to trust your gut when it comes to important decisions and how to better manage your employees
  • Career Intuition: Find your calling or passion in life
  • Anything else that you’d like to try

Private Lessons are Convenient and Build Your Confidence
Private lessons are conducted over the phone and last about 45 minutes. No long-term commitment is required. Take one lesson to get yourself moving on the path toward intuitive wholeness, or as many as you’d like until you are confident with your intuitive abilities. Lessons are scheduled at times that work for you, and can be spread out to fit your life. After each lesson, you will receive a recording of the session so that you can revisit and practice the skills and exercises you learn whenever you like.
Cost: $75
If you have a Sincere Desire to Tap Into Your Intuition, Please Apply
Karen only works with students who present a clear and focused desire to develop their intuition. She strongly suggests that all applicants have an intuitive consultation (reading) to resolve any issues that may block the learning process.
The application is very simple: to assess your needs and motivation, please write two to three paragraphs on the following questions:

  • Why do you want to take intuition lessons with Karen Grace Kassy?
  • What are some of your goals in regard to intuition?
  • What else would like to tell Karen?

Please include your full name, mailing address, telephone number, and email and send the answers to:

info at
Karen will respond to you promptly to let you know if it seems like the right fit to work together and arrange a convenient schedule and payment option.