When your pet has behavior problems or his or her behavior suddenly changes, you know something’s up. It could be for a number of reasons — pain due to a health problem, something in their environment, stressful situations, diet or even boredom.

If a veterinarian or animal behaviorist can’t figure out the cause, especially if the problem isn’t medically obvious, what can you do? Where can you turn for guidance and understanding about what your pet needs to be happy, obedient and even healthy again?

Many pet owners have sought out the intuitive guidance and insight of Karen Grace Kassy. Some have nicknamed her the “pet psychic.” Her work with pets is some of her most rewarding, because we sometimes talk to our pets, but often, intuition is the first time we really listen to them. She often works side-by-side with veterinarians or trainers to help diagnose and treat animals.

Pet owners have agreed to share their personal stories. Identities are not published to maintain confidentiality.

“I took Shadow to the vet – they were amazed at how well is doing for 13! His coat is still beautiful and he is such a happy dog right now. I will always remember and thank you for saving him…and teaching me so much about an animal that our family loves so much. He is getting older, but I feel good about helping him through it without pain and suffering. I often tell people about how you helped turn things around. There is one very important thing I have to tell you. You helped with the food of course. But more importantly, we were so frustrated with his illness that we forgot to think of him as, well almost a person. That perspective really changed us all.”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful experience at Kripalu.  I feel more confident now that I really am intuitive and am improving my accuracy with practice. I do get messages, see images, sometimes smell things and always feel a lot when I do Reiki on my clients.  Your class showed me that I can do this when not connected to the clients’ energy through Reiki.  Doing ‘Bill’ and the dog ‘Bucky’ in class at Kripalu was a real eye opener for me.  My visual impressions were very accurate.”

“At first Dr. Rodan couldn’t find Vanna’s problem and euthanasia was even mentioned. But within two weeks of Karen’s pet consultation, Susan reported Vanna was back to her old self — keen, energetic and in good health again…” (This is excerpted from Karen’s book, Health Intuition)

“Several years ago, perhaps in 2000 or 2001, my family and I met you at a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Tucson, Arizona.  You mentioned to (my son) that he should have his dog checked, possibly a problem with a leg.  He took the dog to the vet but nothing was found.  Not long after, however, a tumor began to grow in the dog’s right front shoulder… I wish you well in your continuing work; it is a very important calling.”

“I recently spoke to you about my dog, Jipone. In your reading you asked the vet to check lumbars 7 and 4. They were both out. The lump under his right arm was a fatty tumor. His blood work showed no signs of cancer, as you said. You said to check the thyroid…the results of the T2 were 4.2 (the normal range being 1.1-4.0). So your reading was excellent.”