Karen Grace Kassy, MS, grew up in a small, conservative town in Colorado with little inkling that intuition would play a great part in her life and career. She earned a degree in Business from Front Range Community College. Karen spent the early part of her career in the corporate world. She eventually became the director of the conference division in a multi-million-dollar company.

However, Karen’s journey took her on a different path. Although successful in the world of corporate business, Karen discovered the strong pull of her own intuition and intuitive abilities. She eventually honed the skill of intuition through her own practice and work with several physicians. She also completed a degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Intuition and Energy (now called Integrative) Medicine.

Today, Karen is considered an intuition expert. She offers intuitive insights through private consultations. Karen is able to discern a client’s physical, mental and emotional health with a physician-verified average accuracy of 80 to 90 percent. She consults with clients long-distance, over the phone, using only a name and age to focus on, to give them insights into health, business, career, creativity and relationships. Since 1997, Karen has researched and developed a diverse training program in which she shares the skill of intuition with audiences worldwide. She offers classes that teach others to develop their own intuitive skill, and has authored a best-selling book titled Health Intuition: A Simple Guide to Greater Well-Being, with a foreword by Caroline Myss.

She currently lives in Sisters, Oregon, a town with Mayberry-like qualities in the mountains of Central Oregon. In her spare time, she has found many things she loves. She volunteers in her community  for various causes, plays her banjo and organizes other musicians to play for cancer patients, makes pottery, cooks, walks her Newfoundland dogs in nature and loves learning new things.