Intuition Basics: 7th of 7 Characteristics

For a long time, I thought there were only six modes of intuition…then, I had a dream. In the dream, a friend and colleague, who is also an MD and PhD, had arranged for me to give a Ted Talk. As I watched her beaming at me from the front row of the audience, I began my talk on the “Seven Characteristics of Intuition.” 

I awoke with that artifact of my dream and wondered, “Seven? I only know six.” So, I started sitting with it. What came was that there is a seventh. I had been teaching it for a long time and never labeled it as such. Haha…joke is on me because it’s “I can’t remember intuition.” 

In the first few months of trying to hone my intuition, back in the 1990s, I started tuning in and trying to intuit for people. I found I couldn’t remember what I told them. I have a good memory (people don’t want to play Trivia Pursuit with me). My doubting mind decided that since my memory wasn’t working when I  intuited this meant that I was “faking it.” My doubting mind often finds many reasons to discount things. Not being able to remember kept happening. I finally reached out to a documented, researched and respected intuitive that I knew. This person is incredibly busy and I didn’t want to bother them; however, I felt I had to have an answer. I phoned and explained the problem, ending with “I think this means I’m faking intuition.” Instead, the intuitive replied, “No. You’re not. It’s a brilliant sign. Oh, gotta go…” and they were off to their busy life. That was it. I felt somewhat validated and still confused.

Shortly thereafter, a synchronicity (meaningful coincidence) occurred. I found the work of Valerie Hunt, EdD, from UCLA. She documented that intuitives and healers she researched went into a different brain state. I theorized that perhaps I, too, was going into a different brain state. I then recalled that when we dream, we go into a brain state and that it is often hard to remember all of our dreams, in detail. I wondered, was intuition similar?

Time went by and I met someone with brainwave monitoring equipment. Later, as I felt comfortable, I asked him to check my brainwaves when I went into the intuitive state. My brainwaves did shift. 

Time after time, in working with students privately and in a workshop  and class settings, it is difficult for them to remember the exact way their intuition words things, offers images or feels. That’s why I have them write their impressions as they happen. The same is true of my work. I keep a detailed record, so that I’m not in a situation of, “Well, it’s something like…well, I don’t have the words exactly right…I can’t totally remember the image or feeling…” 

If you are noticing it is hard to remember the exact way intuition communicated to you and you wish you could, try keeping a written record, in the moment. You can use a tiny notebook or a technological device. Not only does it provide you with the exact documentation of what your intuition conveyed for future reference, you can check to see if what you intuited was accurate and why or why not…you can develop from there.