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We’re up to number 5 of learning the 7 characteristics to recognize and have greater use and consistency of your intuition, which incorporates the “more than once” quality I mentioned in my last post (when I bought a ticket just before they were sold out) which is called “persistence.” This can be another sign that your intuition is trying to communicate to you. If you get what feels like an intuition, hunch, vibe and it won’t leave you alone, or keeps coming back no matter how often you push it away, it might be time to check it out. Think back in a time when you knew that wasn’t the right landlord for you…or the wrong used car…or you shouldn’t date that person…and it was right! Or, conversely, when you somehow “knew” that it was the right person to begin a relationship with, or that car or house situation was a great fit. Maybe you pushed either a “that’s wrong for me” or “that feels right but I can’t explain it” impression away, but it kept coming back. I teach my students when an intuition keeps “knocking on your door” persistently or it seems to get more intense (loud, emphatic, etc.), consider looking into it.