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Unusual or “surprising” is another key to knowing the difference between intuition, imagination or intellect. Instead of following a sequential course, an unusual insight may not seem to be logical (at least not at first look) or seem to come “out of the blue.” Often, you’ll find that these impressions are right on and end up making perfect sense – if not right away, as time passes and events unfold. They are my personal favorite of all the intuition characteristics, because it soothes my doubting mind, “There’s no way I could have known that. This intuition thing must be real.” A recent example of a surprising and out-of-the-blue intuitive moment happened yesterday. For many years, I’ve been going to an annual music festival. Tickets have sold out the last couple of years, but not until just before the event. There is always a head’s up in the local paper when that’s about to happen and I get an email from the organization, too. Just last week, I got the impetus, out of the blue, to go buy my ticket. I wrote it down, because I was in the middle of something. Then, later, I was doing something else, got the nudge, and wrote it down. I was thinking that it was the first time I wrote it down – not even remembering I had already done that. (Not remembering your intuition is a key characteristic we’ll get to later.) The next day I sat down at my desk and I felt, “I need to go buy that ticket.” I then noticed the TWO other notes I’d already written. I’m not a scattered person, so having three separate instances of this impression made me laugh. I went right over and bought the ticket. No one at the ticket outlet mentioned to me they were getting close to sold out. A couple of days later (yesterday) I got an email from a friend telling me that the music festival was sold out and asking if I knew of anyone who had tickets. Glad I followed the out-of-the blue, surprising impression, instead of letting an override of thinking and previous experience happen: “Oh, I have plenty of time. They haven’t even sent me a warning email or mentioned it in the paper yet.” Consider writing down your impressions when they come. Really pay attention if they surprise you – or you catch yourself having written, or noticed, them more than once…we’ll talk about that characteristic in a future post.