Intuition Basics: 3 of 7 Possible Characteristics

“Subtle” impressions usually have to do with the softer “voice” (or visual impression or feeling) that our intuition may have. This is especially true early in your development, because your intuitive impressions may feel less forceful than other “voices” in your head (fear, project, imagination, emotion, etc.). Many of my students notice that when our lives get more rushed and busier, we often miss intuitive signals, too. Sometimes it is hard to hear that soft or subtle voice of intuition. It may help to take a few breaths to quiet and calm yourself before your ask your intuition a question. It can also be helpful to develop a time in your daily life to experience quiet and calm. I find many of my students find their intuition becomes much clearer and more accurate if they spend a few minutes a day relaxing into quiet. This is sometimes called meditation or contemplation. This can be as simple as focusing for a few minutes in a relaxed way. You can focus on your breath, which is a traditional way to meditate. Other ways: repeat a word/phrase, notice something beautiful you see, an art expression, movement (walking and breathing, or other physical activity), or any way that gives you that break from thinking. There are many physical, mental, and emotional health benefits that have been documented over the years to practicing meditation. According to the Mayo Clinic, some research suggests reduced negative emotions, greater ability to handle stress, reduced anxiety, as well as help with a variety of physical problems and illnesses. For myself and my students, I notice not only a greater ease in accessing my intuition, I have greater ease in my day if I start with meditation. . Lately, I take my few minutes of meditation outside when the weather is nice. I recently realized that because I’m busy, I often walk past beautiful scenes without really taking time to be present, to really see them and enjoy. For my meditation, I’ve begun place myself in front of some blooming flowers. I find this helps me to take in their beauty, really see them. I listen to birds and other sounds and I give attention to my breath. Whatever way works for you, try taking some time relaxing and quieting yourself and see if that improves your ability to notice the subtleness of your intuition and your access to it.