Intuition Basics: 2 of 7 Possible Characteristics

“Quick” is another hallmark of intuition. Intuitive impressions can come quickly, seemingly even before you have time to think. Start to notice, and keep track of, your quick impressions. Check out the information to see if it’s accurate. With accuracy, comes confidence that you can start to rely on your intuition. How to do this? 

The more quickly you go, the less time there is for your left brain, or imagination, projection, fears, etc., to get in the way.

Here are a couple of quick examples. When you seem to blurt out words without thinking of them first. You feel surprised, perhaps. After you hear the words you just said, you realize there is an important truth to them or a resonance. Or, you find yourself acting or moving in a different way. A moment later, you realize, what you did, without seemingly thinking, helped keep you out of harm’s way, or helped you to take an action that later proved helpful. A friend of mine turned away from a warming fire and walked away. Moments later, it exploded. Where she had been standing would have been engulfed in flames. Later, she couldn’t recall being too warm, wanting to go do something else, she just felt a subtle and quick urge to move, without giving it thought. In hindsight, start watching for possible “quick” intuitions that have come your way. Through noticing them in the past, you might be able to recognize them more in the future and use them to act in accord with what is best for you.