Take Control of Your Health and Life: Tap into the Power of Your Intuition

The race and rush of everyday life can leave you feeling drained and helpless. Too often you just shut down because you feel like there’s nothing you can do, or there are too many things to do.
Rejuvenate your body and mind with this class on the healing insight of intuition. You’ll empower yourself with hope, strength, and internal wisdom. Intuition is a skill that you can learn in apply in your everyday life. During the Introduction to Health Intuition class, you will learn to tap into your intuition with the guidance of intuition expert and best-selling author Karen Grace Kassy. Karen has taught audiences all over the world the skill of Health Intuition. She will teach you how to “see” inside the body to discover physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health.
With this skill and insight you will be able to help create a brighter and more healthful future for you and your loved ones. Since the basics of intuition are the same for all areas of your life, you can use the skill you learn during the Health Intuition class to develop your relationship, career, health, finance, or business intuition. Find areas of your life that are blocked and redirect your energy to new paths and experience fulfillment. Tune into your body to find greater health and well-being.

You’ll Learn to Trust Your Intuitive Voice:

  • Exercises to open, increase, and utilize your intuitive skills to improve your life
  • How you can gain deep insight into your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional balance
  • How to intuitively “tune-in” to yourself, clients, colleagues, loved ones – even pets
  • Everyday intuitive skills that can save you time and enhance your quality of life
  • How to perceive the intricate connections between your body, mind, emotions, and spirit—and to understand how these connections affect the healing process
  • Who Should Attend?
    Whether you’re a professional or you’re just curious, the Introduction to Health Intuition class gives you valuable tools to understand yourself and others. For example:

    • Anybody, from any walk of life (including healthcare professionals), who wants to improve health and create a more positive life.
    • Anyone who wants to gain more understanding to resolve problems with themselves, their partner, children, family, friends, co-workers, and others.
    • Healthcare practitioners can learn to better diagnose their patients through intuition
    • Pet owners, or those who work with animals, can learn to more deeply connect with animals

    Costs, details and to register vary by location. Go to the calendar and click on your date/topic choice to get all the information. 

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