Your Body is Speaking. Are You Listening?

Karen Grace Kassy discovered her intuition at a very young age. But filled with doubt and uncertainty, she pushed it away. Decades later, she reconnected with intuition and discovered the unrivaled power that intuition has to improve health and happiness.

In this best-selling book, Karen compiles her years of study into simple, easy-to-follow steps and practices that you can use to access your intuition. You’ll discover how to listen to your body’s needs and desires and learn how to integrate your mind, body, spirit and emotions. Instructive stories, studies and fascinating case stories illuminate the common physical, emotional and mental problems and patterns that undermine your health. Then Karen shows you how to conquer those issues and improve your wholeness and well-being.

Praised by renowned intuitive Caroline Myss as one of the “finest books I’ve read on the subject,” Health Intuition unlocks the secret to greater health inside of you.

Inside Health Intuition: A Simple Guide to Greater Well-Being, you’ll discover how to:

  • Build a rock solid foundation for health
  • Increase your energy through nonphysical exercises
  • Overcome and detach from energy-draining people and situations
  • Balance your mind, body, spirit and emotions
  • Resolve and release guilt, fear, worry  and depression
  • And much more!

Editorial Reviews

A simple, straightforward guide for improving health and well-being by learning to hear and heed intuitive knowledge and wisdom.

For more than a century, Americans relied heavily on allopathic physicians to diagnose and treat illness. In the past 20 years, however, a dramatic shift in attitudes toward health and healing has taken place, with more and more people now looking within themselves for healing.

Provocative without being controversial, Health Intuition offers a simple, effective and practical approach to improving health by using one’s intuition. In a clear, easy-to-follow fashion, author Karen Kassy lays out common problems, patterns, and issues that block individuals from optimum health–and more importantly, describes how to discover and solve them. Using intriguing anecdotes and case studies, Kassy, a practicing health intuitive, demonstrates the principles of health and shows how they apply to–and can be used by–anyone. Health Intuition‘s strength lies in its simplicity and timeliness, building on popular theories and presenting them at an easily accessible level.”

~Finalist for Book of the Year, Foreword Magazine

This guide to using intuition to solve physical, emotional and psychological issues draws on the work of Caroline Myss (Anatomy of the Spirit), Barbara Ann Brennan (Light Emerging) and the author’s personal experience as a health intuitive. While Myss accesses information from the human energy field through the seven energy centers, or chakras, in the body and Brennan uses the chakras and auras, Kassy’s method involves gaining medical data directly from a person’s energetic field.

Here, she briefly describes various ways that intuitives work and how to tap into inborn intuitive abilities to break down patterns of illness, emotional trauma and addiction. From the examples of long-distance psychic readings Kassy has done, provided only with a person’s name and age, readers may get the impression that readings are similar to finding one’s way in the dark. Interpreting the data without experience could be problematic for novices, but Kassy also supplies guidelines for finding a qualified health intuitive.

Those who have enjoyed Myss’s books, which delve into spiritual practices and religious symbolism, and Brennan’s, which contain much scientific background, will find Kassy’s book basic. But those who are new to the idea of health intuition, this volume will serve as an introduction to a complex field. Of primary value is Kassy’s emphasis on building a foundation for health with good nutrition, exercise, self-nurturing activities and effective barriers against energy-draining people and situations. Her life story also may resonate with many readers who are committed to taking part in their own healing process.”
~Publishers Weekly

According to Kassy and Gawain, Americans are searching for answers to life’s tough questions from self-help groups or psychic hotlines when all they really need to do is tune into themselves. Both authors are interested in using intuition as a means of achieving optimum health and life fulfillment, and both agree that the more one practices intuition, the more easily answers will arrive.

Kassy, who holds a master’s degree in intuition/energy medicine, here writes for healthcare workers and psychologists. Like psychic healer Edgar Cayce, she requires only a name and an age on paper in order to do a reading of a client’s health-related illnesses. Arguing that many maladies are caused by Americans’ diet of highly processed junk foods, Kassy recommends a visit to a nutritionist. Because she believes that illness is created when our physical, mental, emotional or spiritual natures are out of sync, she also tunes into negative patterns that adversely affect them. Intuitive power even works with animals, she asserts. Her chapters are filled with anecdotes, case studies, and readings.

Gawain is self-taught, and her name has been a household word in the New Age movement since her book Creative Visualization was published in 1989. Based on Gawain’s belief that everyone is born with intuitive powers that end up being suppressed, Developing Intuition is written in a workbook style, containing exercises on relaxation, breathing, and meditation techniques. Gawain’s book will better suit intuition beginners, while Kassy’s more detailed work will serve a wider, alternative health audience. Both are recommended for public libraries.”
~Library Journal

Book Reviews as published on Amazon:

Karen Kassy’s book is a priceless guide to contacting your own inner intuitive guidance system. The clearly written instructions and guidelines are easy to follow. Within the first week after reading the book I was able to receive very helpful, clear guidance involving business matters and health matters, especially from the aspect of stress reduction. Chapters include a description of Kassy’s work as a medical intuitive aiding others with her intuitive readings of their health problems, and chapters outlining methods for readers to follow in doing their own intuitive work. She is very careful to give thorough explanations as well as suggestions for conserving your own energy when working with problem situations and people. Her confidence in everyone’s ability to contact their own intuitive energy is very reassuring. She writes with the tone of a very caring teacher and friend. Her book is the perfect gift.
~Review by: Amazon Reader Review

Karen Kassy’s Health Intuition: A Guide to Greater Well-Being is wonderful! She demystifies the field of health intuition through her systematic, clearly written and well-organized book. Kassy is very grounded in her approach to intuition, bringing a very understandable mainstream perspective to the work. Her words are simply written and understandable, yet very powerful. She is adept at explaining not only what health intuition is but gives straightforward exercises so that her readers may develop their own intuition. Kassy’s work seems in the tradition and is of the excellence of Carolyn Myss, the medical intuitive pioneer. The book is filled with examples of Kassy’s own experiences and fascinating work. She touches on the causes behind the cause of illness and seems to want to empower the reader to help themselves. Her tools for self discovery are excellent! Her instructions for developing intuition are so clear and so well organized that it seems that anyone can do it! I would recommend this book to anyone from healthcare professionals to lay people, people suffering from health challenges to those that want to remain healthy.”
~Review by: Amazon Reader Review

I have read Ms. Kassy’s book. It is easy to read and packed with wonderful insights and suggestions. Because of its tone, I contacted Ms. Kassy and received a most empowering and helpful health “reading”– (way) beyond my expectations!
I hightly recommend her voice in the wilderness of intuition and health information and misinformation. It is clear, concerned and informed- on the page- as well as on the telephone.
Thank you, Ms Kassy!”
~Review by: Amazon Reader Review

I read this book in one day. It was what I was looking for in help with becoming an M.I. (Medical Intuitive) for my clients. I had taken classes on becoming an M.I. but felt like there was something I missed. This book is great!! It answered a lot of questions on dialoguing with your Spirit and the Spirit of others. If you are looking to be a medical intuitive or HEALTH Intuitive as the author calls herself, no matter what book you purchase, the key to becoming accurate is meditate, meditate and practice.
~Review by: L Matthews “NuBodi Healer”

Health Intuition is a practical, effective book. Days after reading it, I was able to offer valid readings on other people. I cannot thank Karen Grace Kassy enough for having the courage to write this book, which, in turn, gave me the courage to do readings on others. If you are serious about developing your skills, this is a must read.”
~Review by: Althea Wills “author”

I remember walking into a bookstore and like a beacon going over to the display of this book when it was newly released. After reading the back I knew it was for me. Fast forward a couple years and I have finally read the book. If you are a fan of Caroline Myss and alternative health, this is a must-read.
Unlike some other (medical) intuitives (it is a growing field), Karen’s approach is unique. Her kind and gentle manner come through in her writing. Her advice is excellent and she is experienced in this field. The book weaves personal stories of clients throughout her own personal story and development of her gift of health intuition. This means she is able to understand your personal health issues by knowing your name and age. She practices a holistic view health, meaning she is concerned with the mental and emotional aspects of health and healing as well as physical. Her book is well written and you can easily grasp which areas of health might be ones for you to work on.
I also had the opportunity to receive a health intuitive reading from Karen most recently. She was right-on about many things with my own health and offered suggestions I had not considered. Her website has more information on how to contact her: …”
~Catherine Carlson