Unlock Your Potential For Intuitive Insight and Healing With a Free Intro Class

Intuition is knowing something without knowing how you know it. Come learn more about what intuition is (and isn’t) in this fun, free class. Learn how to recognize and enhance this skill that anyone can discover and use. Try out your new skill with an easy group exercise.

  • New insights into your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional balance
  • Examples, stories, and an exercise to open, increase, and utilize intuition
  • How to intuitively “tune-in” to others, yourself — even pets
  • Everyday intuitive skills that can save you time and enhance your quality of life
  • Three quick steps to intuition
  • Seven “hallmarks” of intuition — and the university research behind them
  • Discover how to unlock, enhance, and utilize your intuitive skills with a simple and quick exercise
  • Gain deep insight into the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional balance of yourself and others
  • Understand the intricate connections between body, mind, emotions, and spirit—then discover how to balance these four areas to achieve greater health and well-being

Cost: Everyone is welcome: no pre-registration is necessary.

Details and to register vary by location. Go to the calendar and click on your date/topic choice to get all the information. 

Not in your area? Please sign up for Karen’s newsletter to get her updated schedule when it becomes available or email Karen’s office to host.

Karen always leaves time open for Intuitive Consultations (Readings) and Private Intuition Lessons.