What happens in an intuitive consultation?
During a consultation appointment (also called a reading), you’ll receive intuitive, solution-oriented insights. Since all aspects of your life are interconnected, a consultation may include advice about your career, relationship, health, business, creativity or whatever else you want to focus on. For the initial session, all you need to provide is your name and age. Prior to your scheduled appointment, Karen focuses on those two pieces of information and receives insight from her intuition. Karen shares impressions and insights relevant to your life, career, relationships, health and more. If you’d like, you can send Karen questions and ask as many questions as you’d like when you work with her. With your permission, your session will be recorded. Karen will send you the recording after the consultation is finished for you to refer to as many times as you wish.

How long does an intuitive consultation take?
Consultations last about 45 minutes to an hour.

Does Karen conduct intuitive consultations only over the phone? Or can I come see her?
Karen provides intuitive advice only by phone (or audio chat) for four reasons:

  1. Your convenience: Karen has clients all over the world, and it would not be convenient or economical for them to fly to Oregon to consult with her. She makes appointments to suit you. However busy your schedule is, she will find a time that works for you. Telephone consultations (or computer chat) allow flexibility for people anywhere in the world.
  2. Your comfort: For a consultation to be successful, you need to be comfortable. You’re more likely to relax in the safety and familiarity of your own environment.
  3. Your focus: By not being visually distracted with unfamiliar surroundings or face-to-face interaction, you are more able to concentrate and work with the information you receive.
  4. Accuracy: Karen usually focuses only on your name and age during a consultation. This provides her with clear, unbiased insight and prevents her from drawing assumptions from your physical appearance or cues.

Can I ask questions or talk during a consultation? Do I have to talk at all?
You are free to be yourself. You can ask all of the questions you want during a consultation. If you’re shy or don’t know what to ask or say, that’s fine, too.

Is personal information discussed and how is that kept confidential?
All information discussed during an intuitive consultation is confidential. The session is recorded for your benefit and you can then refer to the information as needed. The recording is sent directly to you.

Karen also remembers little, if any, of the information she receives during a consultation. Any information you share with her, or she shares with you, is forgotten to her the moment the consultation concludes. When Karen shifts into the intuitive state, she is also shifting into a brainwave state similar to that of a dream. If you were to try and recall every dream you had last night, you probably could not. The same is true of the intuitive state.

“Medical intuition and Medical Intuitive” or “Health intuition?”
Medical Intuition and Medical Intuitive are terms that are used interchangeably. Medical Intuition pertains to the physical body alone. Health Intuition connects all parts of your body: your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental self. The truth is—the health of your mind, emotions, spirit, relationships, career, and home are all integral parts of your overall physical health.

When your body experiences a “dis – ease” or a “dis – comfort,” it is a real medical condition. The physical pain and symptoms are real and need to be treated by a medical professional. When medical tests and diagnoses do not provide the answers you need to restore your health, an intuitive consultation can offer you insight and guidance.

An imbalance or lack of health in one part of your life can manifest itself as a physical symptom. In the many years she has worked with clients, Life and Health Intuitive® Karen Grace Kassy has found that making life changes can eliminate physical problems. Since Karen is focused on your complete wellness, she refers to this process as Health Intuition rather than Medical Intuition.

For your body to maintain a state of ease and comfort, it helps to explore balance in your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental “body” with the help of an intuitive consultation.

If needed, Karen can work with physicians and veterinarians (for her animal clients) to help diagnose and treat medical problems.

Intuition is not a substitute for medical care.

When is an intuitive consultation not appropriate?
An intuitive consultation is not a substitute for medical treatment or a physician’s care. During the consultation, you may gain health information or insights that should be taken to a medical doctor for further examination or treatment. Karen believes that people should use whatever forms of medicine are helpful to them. Her work encompasses both holistic and traditional medicine. Karen also has worked closely with several licensed physicians and veterinarians to help guide diagnoses and firmly believes in the value of all appropriate forms of medicine. Because an intuitive consultation encompasses a great deal of information (emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and sometimes key events of a lifetime) intuitive consultations cannot and should not be used for emergency situations.