Client Testimonials

Directing your life with internal guidance and wisdom can help you to open your eyes to aspects of your being you’ve never seen before. A single intuitive consultation may change your life. People whose lives have been touched by Karen’s genuine intuitive ability have given permission to share their comments. These are personal stories, and identities are not published to maintain confidentiality.

“Again this morning I though of how important you were to my turning my life around. It wouldn’t have happened without you. I’m just at the beginning of my new life and expect lots of great surprises.”

“Hi and happy spring. Wanted to thank you for your great work. You mentioned to me in our last session that I had some dental work in the upper right region. You were so right! I had it taken care of today. Thanks to you I had them check it at my routine visit and now it’s out of there. You’re the best!”

“It was such a pleasure talking to you. Great to hear your voice and to get the wheels turning in my head.  I really appreciate all your words, everything you said was spot on.  It’s a little intimidating to think about setting out on my own to create my own business. I feel like 100 times more empowered after talking to you. You are an amazing Light!  Can’t wait to reconnect again.”

“I am forever grateful to you. We tried for a year to get pregnant with our first child. After talking to you and following up on your recommendations, including acupuncture, I was pregnant with our son in two weeks. Thank you.”

“I’ve had two readings with Karen.  Not only were they both at least 95% accurate, she brought up subjects I wanted to know about but never asked her about them.  It is such a pleasure having a reading with Karen – it’s totally non-judgmental and always useful and practical information.”

“Hi Karen, I was thinking about the due diligence I was doing for the home purchase and how that applies to our conversation. When it comes to the decisions I have to make in life I feel very fortunate to have your aid in bringing all the pieces together and make decisions. Particularly in situations where it may be something that I don’t want to do. It’s been very helpful. You are a wonderful resource, and I always feel good after talking with you. Thanks again, bless you.”

“Thank you so much, Karen.  Wow, it has been a long time.  When I realize it’s been more than four years since our last time…. I’m still buzzing from the session and I am SO thankful for all the guidance.  I feel a huge sigh of relief in certain areas!”

“I’m sending you positive feedback on a reading you did with me earlier in the year, where you cautioned that I had a cracked tooth to see about. The younger dentist who checked it saw nothing in March when he xrayed it, The more experienced dentist took one look at the same xray  at my checkup in May and told me I had a fracture and likely decay under the existing filling. As of today, I have a new filling – and a repaired fracture.”

“Thanks for sending the recordings.  I always listen to them again (and then again later) and get something out of them each time. *;) winking
“Dear Karen- u will never believe it- I got into the University on Friday AND they handed me a leadership grant that covers 1/2 of my tuition!!! And they changed everything in the program to match the other school’s curriculum that I preferred.  And my best friend is remodeling her basement in the city I have to move to and it functions as a mothers in law apartment. And you rock for helping me set my intention for this and for clearing me of the trauma of sucking at my last University interview And for helping my office sell to the right person. And for just being you. You are one of the most special people I have ever met:) Lots of love”
“Thank you so much! Im really glad we talked I seldom had a solution to my issues and I feel like you put a lot of them in perspective for me which is always the first step to a happier life. Once again thank you and I’ll be in touch with progress!”

“So wonderful to spend time with you – by phone – and open new pathways to feeling better and making inspired art!”

“It has taken more than two years to unfold, however the intuitive forecasting you gave me regarding the sale of my company has proven accurate. You painted a true picture of my business at the time and over time the intuitive information continued to unfold and prove true. At the time, what you told me was not what I wanted to hear; however, it helped me prepare for what might happen. And, then it did happen. I’m amazed.”

“I’m sending you positive feedback on a reading you did with me earlier in the year, where you cautioned that I had a cracked tooth to see about. The younger dentist who checked it saw nothing in March when he xrayed it, The more experienced dentist took one look at the same xray  at my checkup in May and told me I had a fracture and likely decay under the existing filling. As of today, I have a new filling – and a repaired fracture.”

“Hi Karen, thank you so much for the session yesterday. You were very helpful and also incredibly kind.”
“Thank you SO much for my wonderful intuitive insights. You are brilliant! I have already ordered the books and will start connecting to self and divine tomorrow. Will be in touch and all the best to you and your life.”
“Hi Karen,

Thank you so much!!! I have already started making some of the changes and have found [one of the resources we spoke about]. I’m going to listen to the recording later to hear it once again. Hope you have a wonderful day.”

“Hi Karen,I’m giggling right now.  My company just revised the tuition reimbursement policy yesterday – Now, I know that I’ll be able to be reimbursed for the (specifically-suggested by intuition) course and beyond that. A huge Thank you as you continue to help me open my eyes and my intuition.”

“Our previous session (from two plus years ago) has been VERY helpful for me. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve replayed the tape — it’s amazing how much more I hear in it each time I listen to it again. Many thanks.”

“We asked you what we should sell our home for. Independently, we asked our realtor. The prices matched exactly. We were reassured when we received the same figure from two different sources.”

“Hi Karen,
Yes,  you are an artist… only in true art as I know it, can you not find words or descriptions or names, it just is. This is what I understand about your work.  It also leaves a lasting impression which shows up from time to time out nowhere. Its formless nature is perfect and exquisite.”

“Several hours after the reading, I felt as light as a feather.  I was standing up MUCH straighter than I have in the past 15 years.  It’s sort of like I was re-born.  I had a spiritual awakening and my whole life changed in August, 1987, and I felt like I was in that space again.  It would take two pages to write about that experience, but after talking with you, I was there again. It only lasted for a few days – but it was awesome.”

“I REALLY enjoyed our session on Monday. For some reason, I felt more at ease this time. Not sure it’s because I have a face to go with a voice on the other end, but it was so wonderful. It blows me away at what you do. And you are incredible at what you do. The world is a better place because of Karen Grace Kassy. Per your suggestion, next day I got out of bed, went walking. It was glorious. Felt better for it, and was equally glad it was over with. (Lol) At least I didn’t have to ponder all day about it because it was a done deal.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You”

“I use the audio recording and notes from our session all the time.  I keep it as a guideline, and like to look at it and see what things I have acted on and which I’m avoiding (and why).  I feel like it keeps me on task and reminds me to be true to myself. Your insights have been a gift in my life.  You have a talent for connecting with people and making them feel heard and worthy and empowered. Thanks for being there for me over the past four years.  Even though we’ve only talked a few times, I feel like you’re a trusted friend.”

“…[He] is doing fine, and he and I both feel that you helped a lot on his road to recovery.  He has had several blood tests in the past year, all of which show very few signs of the Chronic Lymphocyte Leukemia (CLL) (just a few stray cells they say).  So you were right in NOT seeing him with CLL.  He has followed your advice on nutrition, too, so he feels good and has energy to spare, which is good at the ripe old age of 70.”

“Thank you so very much for your time, patience and thoughtful guidance during my reading. The reading was very healing for me, exactly when I needed it most. I am most grateful for being a recipient of your gift and purpose  in this life. I look forward to taking  the pieces of wisdom that you communicated to me and weaving them into my life story. Wishing you great happiness and health in all that you do. :)”

“I was a doubter, but no more. You were accurate and insightful – a positive experience.”

“Just wanted to let you know that when you gave me a reading back in April about two different jobs I had pending, you told me they would both go away but one would come back to me. Well, that is exactly what happened.  One literally went away— someone else got the job.  The other was “postponed” due to internal stuff in the organization and then they called for an interview and had to cancel and reschedule again!  Finally, we interviewed and I got the job!  This was in August!!!   🙂   Thanks for the comforting words that I definitely referred to in my mind over and over again when I thought all was lost.”

“Recently, I received some very shocking news about one of my closest friends being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. Because I was in shock, I lost the keys to the pharmacy that I manage. This is very serious. For days, the keys continued to be missing. I didn’t know if you could help, but I called you and you told me to check my car. A dear friend arrived to help me look and I asked him to search my car. He found them immediately: in the car! You were right on, 100%. This has been a big load lifted off me and I feel so much less stressed. Thank you for being there during my time of need.”

“You accurately assessed my company’s current standing, challenges I was facing with employees. You even gave me ideas of how to hire, re-organize and resolve some personality conflicts among my employees. Thank you.”

“First…I need to tell you about my surgery and how you were correct! I should have told you sooner.  At my first reading a couple of years ago you told me there was something there up high where my uterus had been.  And at my last one I think you said something about the doctor finding something she wasn’t expecting.  Well…she did! The thing we have been watching for 2+ years was a piece of my right ovary that the doctor cut off when she was removing my uterus 14 years ago.  It wasn’t doing anything but just sitting there and maybe never would have caused a problem.  I kept having a “pinchy” feeling there which, as it turns out, was a bunch of adhesions from that first surgery.  The doctor said that the adhesions were pulling on my bowel and could have caused a blockage.  So…she took out both ovaries and the piece of the right one and cleaned out the adhesions.”

“I’d already decided to buy my new house. You had conducted accurate life and health consultations for me in the past, but I was surprised that you were able to intuitively “see” it so accurately, even though you were many miles away. You told me to get it inspected and there would be a foundation problem and a plumbing problem. I disagreed because the house was only a year old and had been inspected one year ago. You told me to consider getting it inspected anyway and that the price of the inspection would be less than the cost to fix the problems. You were right. There was a foundation and plumbing problem and the old owners had to pay to fix them. Their cost ended up being more than the cost of the inspection, which saved me money, time and trouble. ”

“I got my tape today and wanted to thank you once again for your incredible work! It is wonderful to be able to experience the evolution that you have described!  From my perspective the work is just so good, delivered with warmth and compassion, even when you are saying such tough things. I still maintain that it is so important and gives so much.”

“Thank you. Very accurate. You picked up on a lot of things and I am quite impressed! This is absolutely true about me and to my history. ”

“When we talked about (his) health last summer, you said you were getting ‘liver, liver, liver.’ This has come up again and again as we’ve dealt with his multiple chemical sensitivity, because it turns out he has a genetic deficiency affecting his liver detox pathways. That was a big hit on your part!”

“I want you to know that you were correct about an autoimmune disorder. I am undergoing tests now to determine which full-body arthritis I have. I am so grateful to you for sharing your gifts with me.”

“Your information wasn’t only practical, you also gave me relevant insights to my spiritual path as well – important information which many people don’t include.”

“Several years ago, perhaps in 2000 or 2001, my family and I met you at a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Tucson, Arizona.  I was in a wheelchair at that time. Later that weekend my older son and I attended a workshop of yours elsewhere in Tucson.  You mentioned to him that he should have his dog checked, possibly a problem with a leg.  He took the dog to the vet but nothing was found. Not long after, however, a tumor began to grow in the dog’s right front shoulder.  It quickly became embedded in the joint muscle and surgery would certainly have meant loss of the use of the leg, regardless of whether the tumor could be removed. The cancer quickly spread throughout his body. We chose not to have the surgery and we made our dog’s last days as comfortable as we could.  He was cremated and the ashes buried in a beautiful box made by my other son; the box was buried on a hill overlooking his favorite hunting ground, on October 31, All Hallows’ Eve. I wish you well in your continuing work; it is a very important calling.”

“I had my doctor test for mustard—and sure enough—allergic! When we got to the condiment section it came within the normal range, but I told him we needed to test specifically for mustard. And sure enough! Miracle Whip also—another weird one—but one I never eat, but still is fascinating!”

“I just wanted to send a modest note of gratitude and appreciation. I cannot begin to express all you have done — and may still do — for me. Sometimes I daydream about learning to do what you do, but for now I am just so happy to have you around — with all your insight: mystical and powerful. I am doing well.”

“After we bought our new business, you side-tracked and mentioned in my consultation about some specific problems we’d have with remodeling. I told you that wouldn’t happen because we had such a great contractor. What you told me came true. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but I was able to work with it more easily because you’d given me the “head’s up.”

“You had recommended an acupuncturist to balance hormones/thyroid, but one who also used herbs.  I cannot tell you how key this was.  I had been going to an acupuncturist…she doesn’t use herbs, though, so that steered me in search of someone who did.  Through asking around, I found someone who not only used herbs, but is an amazingly effective practitioner: far, far superior to my (last acupuncturist). My first visit with her yielded my first full night of sleep in too long to remember…I just got better and better with more and more sleep.  After two sessions people were remarking on the change.  I was so much more alert, present. You had also recommended a book, a diet book. Something that I (sort of) followed. I was trying to trick myself into following the regimen (I have never followed a diet in my life; never had to, and I eat very, very well, just that menopause has different rules).  Anyway, even just sort of following it changed my physical body—astonishingly so.  My waist and upper hips—which is where I was experiencing some difficulties, suddenly trimmed as if I were in my twenties again.  Between that and the acupuncture, I am resurrecting.”

“I mentioned that I was considering moving in the next two years or so. You shared that I needed to be open to possibilities and opportunities and to plan like that would be cutting me off.  So I started to prepare to move – packing up some items for storage and getting the house painted.  No particular rush. Then my daughter (age 13) mentioned to a teacher at school that we were going to sell our house.  The teacher very much wanted to be in our particular neighborhood.  Long story short: she and her husband looked at the house and made an offer.  It never went on the market and I never had to put all my pets through the agony of strangers in and out.  It was a true gift from the universe and I was open to it thanks to you!!!  We now live in a larger home and everyone is doing well.”

“In our session this August, you mentioned inflammation in my ovary.  This prompted me to get an appointment for a PAP that I was a bit overdue for (eight months or so).  They did an ultrasound and did find that there was the tiniest bit of inflammation on the ovary but nothing out of the ordinary. However, my PAP came back abnormal (for the first time ever) with cellular changes of the last stage before cancer—they removed the affected tissue, and I’ll follow up in 4 months to see if they were able to get all of the affected tissue.  I wouldn’t have been in any rush whatsoever to get my PAP if you hadn’t mentioned the inflammation and given that such aggressive changes took place in under 20 months, perhaps the changes would have gone much further.”

“I have been meaning to contact you for some time now and just kept putting it off – for whatever reason. I have had two consultations with you and looking back now, I can only say that your words of wisdom were absolutely phenomenal. My first consultation with you was during my first marriage to a verbally and physically abusive and highly-manipulative man. You gave me some excellent contacts, though in my denial at the time, I just couldn’t figure out why you referred me to a place that deals with domestic violence. Between your words and the words of a dear friend, it finally sank in that I was in a very dangerous and unhappy relationship and it was time to save myself and my children and go. Several years later I again had a consultation with you. At that time, I was in a relationship with a man that I was head-over-heels for but who openly admitted that he didn’t love me. I didn’t like hearing it, but you told me I needed to cut off all contact with him and find a man who was deeply committed to me. I followed your advice and less than a month later met the man who is now my husband. He adores me and is fully committed to our relationship. I have included our wedding picture and a picture of our new son. I just had to write to tell you THANK YOU. Words cannot fully express what you have done for me and I appreciate it with all my heart.”