Karen  has taught worldwide at the New York Open Center, Kripalu, Transitions of Chicago, Hollyhock, and many other world-class centers. Her in-demand status as an intuitive consultant and work as an author keep her schedule dynamic and fluid. That’s why Karen only teaches once or twice a year at very special places (page through the calendar months to see where she’ll be next). If Karen’s not available for an intuitive class or workshop in your area, you can receive one-on-one intuitive training over the phone through private intuition lessons.

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In her free time, Karen expresses her creativity through art and music. Karen’s pottery is on display Circle of Friends Art & Academy and at the High Desert Museum and for sale on the world’s premier handmade art website. Karen’s says, “I didn’t express my creativity until well into my adulthood. I believe it is there for everyone. It’s not a gift, it’s a skill you can learn. Just as your intuition can grow, so can your skills with art, music and other forms of creativity. I’ve enjoyed helping many people discover and grow their creativity.”

March 21, 2019

No events scheduled for today!