You know when something doesn’t feel right, is problematic or causing pain. Do you feel out of balance in your life, health, relationships, career or business? An intuitive consultation with Karen Grace Kassy can help you solve problems, reduce pain, gain insights, direction, guidance and validation. How does she do this? For years, institutions of higher learning such as Stanford, UCLA, Duke and Princeton have documented the phenomena of long-distance intuition as a real thing. They call it remote viewing. Karen focuses on your name and age and accurately shares intuitive secrets.Her intuition reveals hidden information and solutions for career, health, relationship, creativity and life direction. Through Karen’s intuition, your truth can be revealed.

When Karen reads you intuitively, you gain powerful insights with which to improve your life, relationships, career, health and more. You can sometimes fix seemingly complex problems with simple changes or by accessing the right resources. Your session reveals actions to take to get what you need and want to feel unstuck, to then move forward congruently aligned with who you are and what you want in life.

Consultations last 45 minutes and are conducted by phone (or via computer chat). Karen provides an audio recording and encourages questions. If you’d like to know more details, the FAQ  page answers Frequently Asked Questions. You can also read reviews of what clients and professionals say about her work. After you sign up for a consultation, Karen will contact you. Unless she is traveling, she usually telephones on a Sunday evening (because more people are available then) to schedule a time that works for you. If you’re not available, don’t worry. She’ll leave a message and you can phone her back to schedule. Karen is not available instantly for consultations – she books about a week out unless she is traveling.
You’re just three simple steps away from gaining solution-oriented, intuitive advice. To schedule your intuitive consultation:

  1. Choose the appropriate consultation
  2. Provide Karen your name, age and contact information
  3. Complete the PayPal transaction OR print out an offline form to mail

That’s it! Karen will contact you to arrange your intuitive consultation.



Initial Consultation
If this is your first time speaking to Karen, sign up here. Your consultation lasts from 45 minutes to an hour. After the call, you will receive a free recording of the session. Areas covered can include health, relationships, career, business, creativity and whatever else you choose.
Cost: $165
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Repeat Client Consultation
If Karen has helped guide you before, sign up here. Your consultation lasts from 45 minutes to an hour. After the call, you will receive a free recording of the session. Because you are a returning client, as a thank you, you receive this special, discounted rate, saving you $20 off the initial consultation rate.
Cost: $145
To schedule, click here: Repeat Consultation




Animal-Pet Consultation
Animals are often more straightforward than humans. Simple changes can take care of large problems. Their range of emotional, mental and spiritual issues is often significantly less than that of people. Because of this, your pet’s intuitive consultation will be shorter than a human/client consultation: approximately half an hour to 45 minutes with a pet consultation rate of $90. After the call, you will receive a free recording of the session. For more information on Karen’s work with animals and pets, visit their  testimonial page.
Cost: $90
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