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Do animals have intuition?  I looked outside my window and saw this surprising image


Thankfully, the headless deer was fine: just up on hind legs to eat the delectable mountain ash berries. I remembered, “Somehow the deer know to come into town when it’s hunting season, so that they’ll be safe. 

IMG_2384Can I prove that’s what the deer are doing? Nope. All the townspeople remark on how the population seems to swell during hunting season and magically decrease after it’s over. If you are interested in the scientific research on animal intuition, read “Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home” by Rupert Sheldrake, PhD. It’s filled with occurrences of documented animal intuition. As for me and many of the people in our town, we’re getting used lots of strange sights like the headless-looking deer reaching up into the trees to eat, the big 7-point buck that naps right in the downtown district between buildings, and the moms and fawns (babies) taking in the town sites