Few have dedicated themselves to developing the skill of intuition as successfully as Karen Grace Kassy. With an 80-90% average accuracy rate, verified by physicians and many other professionals, Karen’s intuitive guidance can give you the insight you need to take the next step forward. If you are ready to find a new direction an intuitive consultation, class, retreat,or  private lesson may help you change your life. Here’s what Karen has to say:

I believe people are capable of learning anything as long as they are open to it. Every adult – and child – is capable of being intuitive. What I’ve learned over the years, through research, testing and experience, is that intuition is a skill. Like any skill, you grow with practice.

I didn’t always know this. I grew up in a conservative area—the second-most Republican county in America—so no one talked about intuition. Because I grew up Catholic, my family kiddingly called my ways of knowing things “Karen’s direct pipeline to God.” They asked me to find lost keys and other objects, and I used my “pipeline” to locate them. As a teenager, I turned away from intuition. Why? On the rare occasions when I “knew” something bad was going to happen to someone, I worried that I caused it. Now I know differently. Also, the priests at our church taught that a layperson could have no direct connection to spirituality or to the divine. Because I’ve had to face these fears and obstacles around intuition, I’m able to help others overcome them.

Intuition Pushes Me in the Right Direction
I grew up, earned two college degrees in business, and worked my way up to division director in a multi-million-dollar company. Sometimes our lives are guided by circumstance: The company I worked for recorded and produced audios on spirituality, health, self-improvement and…intuition. As the head of the conference division, I met with leading authors and speakers. One day I shared a meal with a speaker and intuitive I had met at a conference. She defied stereotypes (she didn’t dress like a fortune-teller, wasn’t a vegetarian, etc.). She correctly diagnosed a health problem in our waitress at mealtime. It was a life-defining moment for me. The intuitive’s insight and accuracy amazed me. Her normal manner reassured me. I was reminded of all my childhood “knowings” and I felt driven to discover more. I researched constantly. I talked to the experts at conferences. And, I gradually became more intuitive.

Guiding Diagnoses with Medical Intuition
My first intuitive consultation was impromptu with a work colleague I had never met who was 500 miles away. I clearly “saw” an intuitive image. Frightened, I didn’t want to share. He wanted to know. Finally, I told him what I was seeing and asked him if he had shoulder problems. He told me that, yes, although he was only 26, he had bursitis in both shoulders. Encouraged by friends, I began to do more intuitive consultations(also known as “readings”). I discovered that there is a mind-body connection, and how sometimes the physical manifestations of disease can be solved by making effective changes in one’s life. Naturally, I kept my day job because I was skeptical of the feedback I received: Was my intuition really accurate or were people just being nice?

One day after I had completed an intuitive consultation for an acquaintance, her physician called. I was afraid: was she going to tell me I had harmed this person and given them inaccurate advice? The doctor assured me that the insight I had given her patient was correct. She asked me to perform intuitive consultations for twenty of her patients. I would only have two pieces of information: their names and ages. I would never meet them, and they would be nearly 2,000 miles away. Later, she verified that I had given accurate physical, emotional, mental (and at times spiritual) information. The physical diagnoses amazed me the most. From toenail fungus to AIDS, my intuition had correctly diagnosed nearly everything. Though encouraged, I knew I still needed practice. I began to intern with a local physician. As we worked together, he verified that using only a name and age, I could diagnose patients long-distance with 80-90% accuracy.

Helping Others Find Their Intuition
From that day on, I wanted to help and empower people through intuition. I called what I did “life and health intuitive.” I prefer the term “health” to “medical.” First, medical doesn’t always encompass the four levels of health: emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. Second, the word “health” is an attainable goal and a word that many people find resonates for them. I completed a Master’s Degree in Intuition and Energy Medicine (now known as “Integrative Medicine”). Caroline Myss, the most renowned medical intuitive in the world, holds her PhD in this field and suggested my coursework.

After many years of providing consultations as a full-time intuitive, the feedback from clients, peers, associates and medical professionals continues to reassure me. I initially offered only health intuition. As I developed my skills, I began to offer consultations (also called “readings”) for career guidance, relationships, business, finance, creativity, and even pets.

Now people call me an intuition expert. Since 1997, I have been researching, consulting, teaching and writing. I remember rejecting my intuition as a child, then struggling to regain it decades later. Today, I find the greatest inner-satisfaction from teaching others to discover and grow their intuition and gain personal, intuitive insights through classes, retreats and private lessons. My first book, “Health Intuition: A Simple Guide to Well-Being,” was a best seller. Noted New York Times best-selling author and medical intuitive Caroline Myss, wrote the foreword. The book has earned praise from readers, critics and healthcare practitioners.

As my intuition has blossomed, my creativity and artistic expression have emerged. I learned they are closely interlinked. This is why I created the creativity and intuition retreat (art, music, writing, intuition), so that everyone can experience this — often for the first time. I didn’t express my creativity until well into my adulthood. I believe creativity is there for everyone. It’s not a gift, it’s a skill you can learn. Just as your intuition can grow, so can your skills with art, music, writing and other forms of creativity. I’ve enjoyed helping many people discover and grow their creativity. My pottery is on display at the High Desert Museum and for sale on the world’s premier handmade art website.

What I love the most about what I do is that intuition is for everybody. It helps people through their pain and their problems – and sometimes make their lives a little easier and less uncertain.


Karen Grace Kassy