Karen Grace Kassy is an intuition expert

Since 1997, she’s been helping people with their pain, problems and uncertainties. Tested by physicians, journalists, and everyday people, her psychic skill is proven and offers previously-unknown, solution-focused help in areas of career, health, relationships, creativity, business and more.

Karen believes intuition is for everyone. Based on university research (Stanford, Princeton, Duke and others), she has developed a simple and effective method to teach the skill of intuition to anyone. For nearly 20 years, she has taught classes and led retreats all over the world , empowering people to discover and develop their access to new and accurate information through intuition.

If you ask yourself questions like these, consider working together with Karen:
  • I want to feel less pain and problems in my life – what do I need to do?
  • How do I get “unstuck?” What do I need to do know to help my career, health and relationships?
  • What are the best strategies and hidden insights for my business and finances?
  • How do I find the right relationship?
  • How can my relationships have fewer problems?
  • What are the answers that feel right and will work for me?
  • How do I improve and trust my own intuitive or psychic guidance?

Listen to the Experts

"Karen is an accurate intuitive with a physician-verified ability. She continues to take her field and understanding to new levels." Caroline Myss, Ph.D., from the foreword to Karen's book Health Intuition

Can an Intuitive Session help you?

Directing your life with internal guidance and wisdom can give you the ability to open your eyes to aspects of your being you’ve never seen before. A single intuitive consultation with Karen Grace Kassy truly can change your life.

Health Intuition -- Buy the Book

"Health Intuition is among the finest books I've read on the subject." ~ Caroline Myss, Ph.D. From her foreword to Health Intuition: A Simple Guide to Greater Well-Being

About the Book

In this best-selling book, Karen Grace Kassy compiles her years of study into simple, easy-to-follow steps and practices that you can use to access your intuition. You’ll discover how to listen to your body’s needs and desires and learn how to integrate your mind, body, spirit, and emotions, then conquer those issues and improve your wholeness and well-being. Click here to buy a hardcover copy. Ebook available soon.

Intuitive Consultations

For nearly two decades, Karen’s been sharing this attainable and practical skill everyone can learn to apply in everyday life. Karen teaches simple steps and practical techniques anyone can use to discover, access and grow their intuition. Learn more...

Intuition for Everybody

Karen offers many classes, workshops, retreats and private lessons.